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  • Bed Bug Inspection
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Daniel Mackie Featured in the Hotelier Magazine.com Article: Unwelcome Guests

Bed bugs have hoteliers itching to eliminate reputational damage.


Hotels have been dealing with unwanted guests for years, from cockroaches to mice. But the latest nuisance, while small in size, is fast becoming the most invasive and difficult guest to evict from the premises.



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Daniel Mackie Featured in the Lowes.com Article: Implement a Holistic Approach to Pest Control

They’re the tenants you don’t want anywhere near your building. They eat through your siding, live in your walls and invade your kitchen.


From ants to termites to the critters in the chimney, pest control should be a top priority for property managers and building owners. To effectively control pests, managers should focus not only on eradication, but also on ways to proactively prevent pests from entering a building in the first place. Just as important, you want to take care of the pests without creating any new hazards to your tenants.



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